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STICKY White Chocolate Pop-Up


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These platinum white hookbaits are the ultra-consistent performer from the range, and it’s easy to see why. They simply scream carp with their divine chocolate and cream aroma, and sweet taste.

It is comes as no surprise that the White Chocolate Hookbaits are a winter favourite of many, but they are equally as effective all year round.

The mega-buoyant, needle friendly pop-ups will stay popped up for several days. The 12mm’s are great for zigs and snowman presentations, whereas the 16mm’s are ideal for the ultra-popular chod rig.

Although many anglers tend the fish the White Chocolate Hookbaits as a single, don’t ignore them fished over bait, as their white appearance can often be mistaken for a washed out free offering.

Available in 12mm and 16mm in 100g tubs.