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STICKY The Krill Hookbait Kit


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The Krill Hookbait Kit

After receiving the same request time and time again, we finally decided to bow to public demand and release The Krill Hookbait Kit.

As many of you will already be aware, The Krill Freezer Baits are quite soft straight from the bag and aren’t ideal to fish with on the hair for prolonged periods of time. We have absolutely no intention of “fixing” this, as the soft and extremely soluble nature of the bait is, in our eyes, exactly what makes it so effective!

So the solution, enter The Krill Hookbait Kit. This basemix and liquid package is designed to closely match the normal bottom baits, however we have added a natural toughening agent, making this perfect for both hardened hookbaits and cork ball pop-ups without the need to mesh.

Not only does this kit offer a different style of hookbait, it also means you can tweak your hookbaits to make them completely individual and stand out from the rest of your freebies should you wish. We suggest the inclusion of any of our newly released Pure Naturals range as these additives have been carefully selected to work hand in hand with the ingredients in The Krill. We supply usage guidelines for all our Pure Natural range on their packaging – however we feel these can be easily increased for exclusively using in hookbaits.

The Krill Hookbait kit is supplied in a 400g Tub with Liquids.