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STICKY The Krill Clusters


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The Krill Clusters

It’s safe to say that The Krill range has cemented itself as one of the very best of all time and has racked up countless amounts of captures since it’s creation in 2012, and without sounding too silly, we attribute the great success story to a tiny aquatic-being – the humble krill.

This shrimp-like crustacean has a nutritional profile off the charts and The Krill Clusters are 100% pure krill harnessing all of that natural goodness. Once the krill have been fished for they are initially processed into this pellet like matter that has extremely high levels of both amino-rich proteins and omega-3 fatty acids keeping our quarry fighting fit.

Enough of the science, how do you actually use it – well as mentioned above, it’s comes in the form that is extremely similar to that of damp pellets leaving you countless options of ways to introduce it to your swim.

During testing we stuck to the obvious such as loose-feeding and adding it to PVA bag and spod mixes, however since then we’ve also found great success moulding The Krill Clusters around feeders and leads – this can be done with the product straight out of the bag and doesn’t need anything adding. We’ve even had great reports from our “Speci” team who have been banding the larger pieces and using them as hookbaits for barbell and chub! The options really are endless – all we know is that everything that swims seems to love them!

Due to the nature of this product it will be supplied in 500g aluminium fresh seal pouches to ensure The Krill Clusters are kept in optimal condition.