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    SUFIX Advance G2


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    The most abrasion resistant, supple and sensitive monofilament. HMPE molecules blended in with the polyamides are drawn to the line's surface in the Sufix's propietary Magnetic Extrusion Process, creating a durable layer that provides superior, long-lasting protection against abrasion.


    • Unlike other abrasion resistant lines, Sufix Advance is very supple and sensitive, allowing subtle and precision presentations.
    • With only half the stretch of a standard monofilament line, Sufix Advance offers exceptional lure control, ultimate bite detection and firm hook setting pwer.
    • Thanks to the line's inherent qulaities and the Sufix G2 Precision Winding, Sufix Advance is virtually memory free, extremely easy hadling and long casting
    • G2 Precision Winding in all spool sizes.