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Sticky Pure Tuna Liquid 1ltr Jerry


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Sourced from the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, this pure, ultra-soluble tuna hydrolysate has an amino profile equal to the legendary L-Zero 30.

Just like the Pure Krill Liquid, this is a totally raw, fresh product and being low in fat and high in soluble, digestible proteins, it’s the perfect food source for fish. High levels of palatable amino acids make it a phenomenal carp attractor too.

There’s an almost endless list of applications for Pure Tuna, for all species. You can glug or soak pellets and boilies in it, add it to a PVA bag or stick mixes, spod mixes and groundbait, or incorporate it into boilies at the mixing stage.

Key Features

  •  Rich in attractive amino acids
  •  Totally raw, fresh product
  •  Packed with soluble, digestible proteins
  •  Perfect for glugging baits or adding to PVA stick and spod mixes