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STARBAITS Camo Recliner Chair


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An extremely comfortable chair with arm rests and adjustable legs. Well padded masttress with a fashionable dual Camo and Khaki material finish. Very light weight but strong aluminum frame rated at 115kg.

  • Strong padded seat
  • Fully adjustable anti slip legs with flexible mud feet
  • Dual Camouflage DPM95 and Olive Khaki mattress cover
  • Clips to keep legs folded
  • Strong and very light aeronautical aluminium Frame
  • Multi-point hand wheel to adjust back position.
  • Armrests for additional comfort and a quick seated exit
  • Fast folding chair 
  • Seat width: 60cm
  • Depth of seat: 55cm
  • Backrest width: 58cm
  • Backrest height: 67cm
  • Height of front feet: from 40 cm to 48 cm
  • height of the rear feet: from 40cm to 48 cm
  • weight: 7.8kg