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Sonubaits PRO MEATY SALMON 1kg


Developed by some of the best anglers in the UK and Europe for targeting commercial fisheries. These premium groundbaits are all fine in texture, bind well so they are ideal for a method feeder and are also perfect for the pole.

Salmon meal is a single source fishmeal made by drying salmon meat. The salmon meal we use has been dried at low temperatures and therefore retains all its smell and potency. It is one of the strongest fishmeals available, high in protein and oil. We add this to a blend of finely milled and sieved pellets which also contain fishmeal and meat extracts.

It is easy to mix and binds well to a Method Feeder and breaks down quickly, this is all down to the consistency and fine texture of the ingredients used. The fine particles create an inactive mix when dampened which is perfect for a rapid breakdown of feed around the hook. It can also be balled, or cupped in as slop.

The fine texture of the groundbait means it will form a light haze of attractants as it melts off the feeder, quickly creating a feeding area.

Pro Meaty Salmon is simple to mix. Empty the bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket, fill a 1 pint bait tub with water, pour this onto the groundbait and mix thoroughly, then allow it to rest for 30 minutes, during this time the water will be absorbed into the groundbait. Then for best results; to remove any lumps and create an even consistency, pass the groundbait through a riddle and it is ready to use.

Alternatively, you can use a drill and whisk, this is now the preferred method of many of our consultants.