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Sonubaits Band'Um Hookbaits


The Band’um range is perfect for using with a bait band, their dumbell shape with bulbous ends means that they can be banded with ease using a Pellet Bander or Bait Bander and then it is difficult for the bait band to slip off or the hook bait to be pulled off by fish, which means more time fishing and less time rebaiting.
They are perfect for use on the Pole, Waggler or Feeder

These great little hook baits are available in seven flavours; Krill, Green, Tigerfish, Strawberry, Pineapple, White Chocolate and the new Salted Nut Crush and a good tip is to keep changing the colour of the Band’um until you find the one that the fish prefer on the day. Superb for Carp, Tench and Bream