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SHIMANO Aerlex 10000 XTB spod


The new Aerlex series is a tough reel fitted with Instant Drag designed for heavy duty work, whether it is carp- or surf fishing. The new cosmetic design and the superb Aero Wrap II line lay with 2 speed Oscillation, combined with the AR-C spool produces the excellent casting performance required by both carp and surf anglers.

A high torque 4.6:1 retrieve ratio gives the Aerlex the power to deal with heavy leads over rough ground. The SPOD version is equipped with a higher gear ratio of 5.3:1, which equals a retrieve of 115 cm, to make sure that the spod can be retrieved fast so more time can be spend fishing.

  • Instat drag system
  • XT-7 konstrukcija
  • 2 brzine oscilacije 
  • 2 x zaštićeni ležaj od nehrđajućeg čelika 
  • 1 x Roller ležaj 
  • AR-C špula
  • Aero Wrap II