Besplatna poštarina za sve narudžbe iznad 250,00 HRK

Savage Gear

Savage Gear TPE Mudd Minnow 85 11g F 2pcs 05 - Chartreuse Pearl

54,95 HRK

Ti-Flex Spinnerbait – is designed with a unique Flexible Titanium arm, combined with a Stainless steel wire main frame – giving superb erratic action and vibration on retrieve.

The Oval offset main blade creates great vortex and pulse – giving the Japanese Rolled Silicone skirt incredible life! The Flex arm allows superb hook up rate and pulsing action. SG TPE Mudd Minnow – superb top water action, made in the very durable and floating TPE material. Mounted with a 4X strong wide gape offset hook and supplied with the innovative TPE cone, that will slide over your knot and make the lure totally weed less! Brilliant lure for fishing heavy cover, lillys etc. but also in floating grass and weed.

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