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Savage Gear Panic Pooper 105 10.5cm 22g 04-Sandeel


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Superb long casting popper, with an extreme good Popping effect! The wide open Mouth, has a great hold in the water and really pops and splashes incredible. The lure also have a great track on regular retrieve, leaving a superb bubble trail and wake bow on the surface. The rear Y-treble hook folds up along the back on the cast and gives a very stable flight. Super Hard ABS Body, with thru going wire, extra strong split rings and Big fish trebles. Great lures for big brutal Saltwater predator fish!
• Extreme Popping effect
• Long Cast design
• Through going wire
• Super Hard ABS body
• Inside flash paper design
• Extra strong head Swivel, to prevent hook pulls (13,5cm and 19,5cm)
• Extra strong Split rings and Big Fish trebles