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Savage Gear Craft Shad 10cm 6g Mix 5pcs


Stare into the big realistic soft eyes of the Craft Shad and you could be mistaken for thinking it was a real bleak. The lure was inspired by that fish and features intricate details and a long slender tail bridge with a T-tail that paddles in a vigorous tight kick and roll on the retrieve and the drop. The lure’s slim body makes it perfect for working at depth or in a current. The toolmaking, handcrafted details and painting used on the Craft Shad set new standards for soft lures. • Soft eyes • Slender body profile • T-tail design • Handcrafted and painted • Clear water mix: Green Silver, Roach, Perch, Motor Oil, Salted Herring • Dark water mix: Firetiger, Blue Pearl, Lemon Back, Pink Pearl, White Pearl Glow