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Rive Smart Club


Ideally suited for practise sessions, pleasure angling and even for young aspiring match anglers. This lightweight, durable, seatbox is sold with a 30mm tray/drawer unit,  4xD36 telescopic legs and fittings for all clip-one accessories such as Side trays, pole supports and feeder arms etc.

The main compartment of the box is lined and sealed to enable you to add an ICE pack to keep your bait cool and fresh.

The seat is padded and comfortable, in keeping with the quality found on all Rive seat boxes.

As an optional extra, there is also a rucksack / harness available to make transportation to your swim even more convenient.

 4 telescopic legs 280 / 410 mm - D36

 "Seamless" cushion

 Shoulder strap

cooling box (internal size 360x240x145mm)