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Ridge Monkey Air Dry System Mk2


Elegantly redesigned for more practicality, the Air Dry System MK2 takes the whole process of bait preparation and storage to a new level (pun intended). Each compartment is tiered and fully customisable. Now you can take as much - or as little - as you desire, at greater convenience to you. Our favourite new feature is the boilie caddy which you can clip around the waist, keeping a handy amount of dried bait on your person at all times.


        • Shower proof top layer
        • Robust toggle zips
        • Quick attach/release connectors
        • Multi-tier construction allows multiple bait flavours/sizes to be dried simultaneously in separate compartments
        • Circular design and 360° airflow reduces drying time
        • Freezable rubberised material
        • Integral Boilie Caddy included
        • Approxiate capacity: 10kg