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    Prologic K3 Hang Indicator Set 3 rod


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    To complete the look, we’ve also launched a dedicated K3 bite indicator. 3k high modulus carbon bodies with black PTFE line clips compliment the K3 alarms beautifully and come supplied with additional 8g weights. We’ve also included a traditional full solid white PTFE model that particularly complement our SMX Custom Black Alarm rollers. Note: The solid white PTFE version is around 4g heavier than the 3K Carbon model.

    •  High density PTFE line clip
    •  Body made off 3K Carbon and acrylic plastic
    •  Spare extra 8g weight included
    •  Complements the 3K Bite alarm perfectly
    •  White version made off solid PTFE (4 grams heavier than the other colors)
    •  Presentation set includes extra set of blue bodies
    •  Ref: 62049