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Preston Monster XL Top Kit Kase


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Featuring impact resistant internal storage tubes the Preston Monster Top Kit Casesare designed to safely store a large quantity of kits when in transit. The case will fit in the existing Monster Pole Holdalls, eliminating the need to carry an extra bag or can be transported independently using the neoprene carry handle.

There are four cases in the range, the Monster Top Kit Case which is designed to carry 8 top kits and the Monster XL Top Kit Case which can house 12. The long length also makes them suitable for storing the Preston F1 Short Stop kits. If the end cap is removed the cases are perfect for storing and carrying top 4 and top 5 kits. Also available in a compact 170cm size.

The Elastic Friendly Dividersfeatured on all four models are deisgned to secure and protect the fold in your elastics. Elastics are one of the most important aspects of pole fishing and these Monster Top Kit Casesprotects it, thus making your solid or hollow elastics last longer and perform better. Ultimately putting more fish in your net! 

  • Reinforced Base
  • Monster Zips
  • Elastic Friendly Divider
  • Padded Foam Top
  • Durable Tubes
  • Ref: PMLUG/28