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Preston Monster X 12ft Method Feeder Rod


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The heaviest feeder rod in the Monster X range is the 12ft Method Feeder, this rod is perfect for when larger feeders and extra distance is needed.
This rod has been developed to cast distances of around 60-70m where larger fish are the target, the added power throughout the blank allows this rod to cast larger feeders and also take control of large fish during the netting stage.
This rod is also suitable to be used on rivers and large still waters for species such as Bream, Barbel and Chub.


  • Length - 12ft / 3.65m
  • Transport length - 183cm
  • Weight - 247g
  • Sections - 2 + Quivertip
  • Handle Length - 60cm
  • Casting Weight - 60g
  • Line rating - 4-8lb
  • Supplied with 3 tips 1.5oz, 2oz, 2.5oz

Spare tips listed under 'Monster X Quiver tips 2.5mm'