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HAITH'S BAITS Nectarblend 1 kg


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Product Information

After Robin Red, Nectarblend is probably our most popular bird food fishing bait ingredient and that's not surprising when you consider what’s in it: Nectarblend contains a subtle blend of micro seeds on a base of Egg Biscuit, which means it’s a fabulous nutritional binding agent for method mixes and groundbaits.

Is it versatile? You bet! In fact it's super-versatile, and can be used in 1,000s of ways; it can be used to introduce more flavour to your swim; make a quick and easy paste bait just by adding water or eggs; you can easily flavour the mixture; add liquid foods (e.g. CSL/Nutramino); you can even add essential oils to it. In fact, if you add eggs, roll the paste and boil them you end up with Make Your Own Boilies.

Bait making tip:

Make a hookbait from the Nectarblend paste by moulding it around a cork ball or plastic bead.

Nutritional Information

Protein: 15.39
Fibre: 2.30
Ash: 3.20
Moisture: 5.07
Oil/Fat: 7.09