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MILO Guma Elastico Concept LDL 5m


LDL - Long Durable Life - Black carbon core

Milo calls them simply long-life hollow elastics, but the Concept LDL range introduces a whole new concept in pole elastics using a special pigment tht strenghtens rubber, thus improving elastic performance and durability. At the heart of the Concept LDL range is carbon black, a pigment that reduces wear of all rubber products that are exposed to transactions, friction or abrasion, therby raising the performance standards for elastics. Additional features include the use of UV.-absorbing colours to better protect the elastics. The new elastics will not be brightly coloured but will come in a choice of gold, silver and copper tonese. Which the Concept LDL, we wanted to create a range of durable, high-performance pole elastics... and we succeeded.


Ref: 606VV0098