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Korda Mixa B Hook


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  • Korda Mixa 'B Carp Hooks Barbless Carp Hooks (hooks Barbless
  • The Korda Mixa B Carp Hook is different from the Korda Mixa Carp Hook only with the missing barbed. The Korda Mixa Carp Hook is the first Korda hooks, especially designed for the surface fishing for Carp to enjoy. Thanks to its short Schenkels, its big hooks sheet and its slightly inward curved tip, strong and in comparison with the hook shank Scheuesten it Outsmarted in the box don't panic, helping to carp with Carp Fishing at 5 degrees. The The
  • Idende feature in of the Korda Mixa hook is, its sharpness. It mirrors immer. Carp Fishing and thus we use from Korda the Mixa in all kinds of situations. Developed, which has been Korda Mixa Carp Hook originally designed for the surface fishing ',, but such a clever frame shape in conjunction with extreme sharpness to make the Korda Mixa Carp Hook in all kinds areas of application makes an ideal hooks.' H