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Korda LongChuck Tapered Mainline


The Long Chuck Tapered Mainline has been designed for casting at range in situations where you want to fish straight through without a leader knot –especially useful in weedy venues where that can gather around the knot and present problems under the rod tip.The Long Chuck Tapered Mainline comes on a 300m spool, and at each end of that it features an 8m section of 0.47mm (30lb) diameter line designed to take the force of the cast -as well as offering good abrasion resistance when playing a carp –plus a 2m tapering section down to whichever diameter of main line you have chosen.

It is exactly the same at both ends, so should you experience a cut-off, you can simply reverse the line on your spool and use it again.

This tapered main line feature the same properties as the Long Chuck main line, with ultra-low stretch to help compress the rod (heavy mono is typically quite stretchy and hampers the cast).

Low water absorption; lightweight for its breaking strain, as it is clear (dye adds extra weight), so it stays in the air longer; and a high breaking strain to diameter ratio to reduce drag.