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Korda Large Black Bobbin


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The Black & Whites are a bobbin that we believe offers the ultimate in performance and functionality, alongside classic style and versatility. They perform as well as they look, and they look great!

The release of these bobbins has been as eagerly anticipated a launch as we can remember, and this is purely from online pictures we have released alone. When you hold them for the first time, the quality is immediately apparent, as is the thought that has gone in to their design. But it is in use that these bobbins display their real ability to perform, and as such, we are confident that we have designed an absolute classic bobbin in the form of the Black & Whites range. 

There are four sizes in the range, and each comes with two interchangeable weights, so depending on the situation you are faced with, and what you want your indicators to achieve, you can customise the weight and tension applied to your line. Also supplied are two different length chains - the standard 6 inch and a longer 9 inch version - for you to choose between, depending on personal preference.

The Hockey sticks that come with the Black & Whites are fully compatible with the Stow range of indicators, so once you have attached the magnetic bayonet-style hockey sticks supplied with your Black & Whites, you can change between styles instantly, without having to unscrew your alarms. 

The Black & Whites have a mechanism that runs through the body of the bobbin, allowing you to adjust the grip-strength of the line clip with a simple twist, again allowing for unrivalled customisation of the hanger. The Black & Whites are a two-sided design, one a solid white or black plastic, and the other a clear plastic that houses the super-bright new Mini Isotopes. 

We believe there is a bobbin in the range for every fishing situation you will find yourself in, and whether you choose the black or white version, you can do it in fine style with the glorious Black & Whites sat proudly on your set-up.

Korda operations director Damian Clarke, who was instrumental in designing the Black & Whites, explained: “Myself and Neil Raison made the first version of these over 20 years ago, using test tubes and resin and they have evolved from that first design.

“The original idea behind having clear and white came from an angler who was fishing on Becontree Lake, in Dagenham, he was making monkey climbers in that style and we thought they would make a great bobbin design. 

“The Stow indicators have been incredibly popular, but there are plenty of anglers out there who prefer a bobbin that hangs on the line, so the Black & Whites are the perfect choice for them. They have an integral, adjustable line clip, and have a very classic look which is different to other bobbins already on the market.

“Everything that you need comes supplied in the packet – including extra weights and two different length chains – and the four sizes cover any angling situation, right up to the XL model which will appeal to those fishing larger waters in Europe.

“We’ve spent a lot of time getting them just right, and are expecting them to be very popular,” he added.