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ILLEX Rhytm Wave 4'8"


The Rhythm Wave is a swimbait-style soft lure with a slender body profile that stays perfectly balanced whilst giving off a dynamic, attractive curving swimming action. The tail is designed to emit rhythmical pulses with metronome like regularity as its name suggests! This versatile lure lends itself to different styles of rigging (jig heads, Wide Gape Offset hooking on Texas or Weightless rigs, as a trailer bait on chatterbaits or spinnerbaits…) The long stomach helps when hooking Texas Wide Gape Offset hooks and the slot on the upper section is designed for housing the hook point to keep it clear of weeds and help centre the lure. The rubber has been impregnated to the core with a special prawn attractor. The Rhythm Wave can be used on straight retrieves, power traction and vertical styles of fishing and the three available sizes will appeal to all freshwater and smaller sea predators!.

  • Model: Floating
  • Lenght(mm): 122
  • Weight(g): 14
  • Pieces per pack: 5