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    ILLEX Ocean Skip 3.25


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    Eging lures designed specifically for targeting celaphods (clams, squid and octopuses. Designed specifically for “bichi bachi” techniques from the shore (Ocean skip 3.25 – silent version) or from a boat (3.5 with the echo location system that is a proven trigger to feed). The body shape has been carefully designed to respond positively to twitching and to glide attractively on descents which can often provoke takes from the most reluctant of squid. The colours, the attention to detail and the overall finish all reflect the highest quality of Japanese workmanship. The lures will stand repeated captures and stay sharp as well. These are destined to be your new reference lures for eging.!

    • Model: Sinking
    • Weight(g): 21
    • Size(mm): 120