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ILLEX Nitro Sprat Shad 90 + Head 14g


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The Nitro Sprat Shad 90 as its name suggests is a shad type lure designed for sea bass fishing. It is extremely supple and looks ultra-realistic with a lifelike swimming action and strong vibrations. The rubber has been flavoured to the core with our famous shellfish “Nitro Booster” attractant. Our ingenious Push 2 Lock system means this bait can be mounted quickly on to a Nitro Sprat Head 90. The Push 2 Lock system houses an articulated Texan hook inside the body so the lure can be worked through snags and weedbeds without catching. The Nitro Sprat 90 head is lead free and made from zinc so kinder to the environment. As well as sea bass the Nitro Sprat 90 is great for perch and zander fishing. Don’t hesitate to add more “Nitro Booster” cream to reinforce the attractiveness of your bait.

  • Action: Rolling
  • Model: Sinking
  • Weight(g): 23