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    ILLEX Magic Fat Shad 4"


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    The MAGIC FAT SHAD has a chunky round profile that displaces plenty of water as it moves arousing the curiosity of predators from some distance away. The shape is versatile and can be fished on Texan rigs round weed-beds or as a surface buzzing bait. With a loaded head the strong rolling action is great for focusing actively feeding predators. The FAT SHAD is available in 4 sizes: 2.5’’, 3’’, 4’’, 5’’ (6, 7.5,10 and 12 cm) which covers the range of prey fish sought by most predators. The finish rivals any other shad bait on the market with great care paid to details like eyes and gills. To guarantee positive takes each FAT SHAD is impregnated with a powerful squid attractant.

    • Model: Wobbnroll / Sinking
    • Weight(g): 4.8
    • Quantity per pack: 10
    • Size(mm): 100