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ILLEX Gantarel JR. RT


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The GANTAREL is a jointed swimbait that oozes realism. The 3 piece jointed body gives the bait a swaying swimming action that looks just like a pumpkin seed fish. This nervous swimming action is reinforced by feather teasers fixed to the hook attachments. The two pectoral fins act like a lip and allow the bait to dive to about a meter deep. The eye attaching your line to the front of the lure has a rolling swivel to avoid the chance of any line twist. A second fixing eye is located under the chin to change the swimming action or allow you to add some weight and transform the GANTAREL into a slow sinking swimbait or fish it unloaded as a reasonable sized wakebait for rapid surface fishing. A third ring is placed at the tail of the lure to take either an extra hook or any other appendage that could further boost the attractiveness of the package. The cherry on the cake is that the Gantarel is capable of turning a full 180 degrees on a single twitch!


  • Action: S Action
  • Model: Floating
  • Weight(g): 43.6
  • Size(mm): 130
  • Depth(m): 0.80-1