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    ILLEX Gambit Woodlouse 1.18''


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    The Woodlouse is a supple floating lure shaped like an insect designed to target smaller predators like bass, perch, asp, trout and chub. The body has a hollow cavity that give off vibrations in the water. The whole bait is designed to imitate as closely as possible a natural insect. Fit this lure on to a Finesse Down Shot or Finesse Guard no. 3 hook hooking it though the head between the two antennas. This way the lure will stay balanced. Once you let the bait go in the flow it can be worked with subtle shakes of the rod just slightly agitating the bait. The excitement when you watch a fish take it off the surface is sure to get your heart racing!

    • Model: Floating
    • Weight(g): 1,16
    • Wty/Pack: 6 pcs pack
    • Size: 30mm