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    HAITH'S BAITS Haith's CLO 1 kg


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    Product Information

    Haith’s CLO adds Cod Liver Oil value to base mixes.

    Introduces omega-3 fatty acids.

    Increases nutrition and attraction qualities.

    Improves binding qualities.

    Adds texture and crunch to a base mix.

    Introduces proteins.

    Oil-rich seeds add crunch and boost attraction.

    Egg content improves binding.

    Pre-ground to simplify processing.

    Includes spice extracts.

    Bait making tip:

    Use up to 25% of the combined recipe.

    Nutritional Information

    Protein: 15.00
    Fibre: 2.20
    Ash: 2.40
    Moisture: 10.30
    Oil/Fat: 12.54