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Guru Diamond Float

22,00 HRK

art of a range manufactured in-house to the specifications of famous float builder, Mick Wilkinson. All full Mick Wilkinson spec floats, using his extra reliable materials, machines and unique float building processes. Mick Wilkinson is one of, if not the most renowned hand-made float maker ever! He has over 20 years of experience, and was the first to use high density foam to make floats. The floats are made from the very best quality materials, and have always been designed in conjunction with the UK’s highest level inspirational anglers. They are renowned for being super durable, and for years have been in high demand at a premium price thanks to their reputation - one reason that Guru were super keen to keep Mick himself involved as much as possible. Each part of the float is incredibly well-thought out, from the stem materials and measurements, to the bristle colours and paints.

The DIAMOND is a renowned pattern that was originally designed between Mick Wilkinson and Steve Ringer.

A long and stable float, developed for fishing baits such as meat, corn and pellets, when stable presentation is needed - the ultimate float for fishing short.

The Diamond features a long, stable fiberglass stem, suitable in all conditions, that is super durable. This runs right up through the high-grade foam float body and into the bristle, making the float virtually indestructible. The body shape is where the name comes from, a diamond. This offers a balance of stability, sensitivity and low resistance. The bristle is hollow plastic, and highly visible, cut and painted in house from scratch. Perfect for supporting large baits.

The side eye is glued by hand, deep into the body, for upmost strength!

  • 1.8mm hollow plastic bristle
  • 0.9mm fibreglass stem
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