Guru Bait Up Window Feeder - 40g + 50g - GWF15 - MatchFishing

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    Guru Bait Up Window Feeder - 40g + 50g - GWF15


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    The window feeder has rapidly become the must have item for feeder anglers. It is not only ideal for long distance fishing due the the aerodynamic shape and weight forward design but it also has the advantage of being able to feed a large proportion of particles like casters, corn and aven worm with a very small amount of groundbait when needed.

    The window feeder also sinks much faster due to the shape ans is ideal when you need to get past small fish fast on the drop.

    These Guru models are available in 4 body sizes and they feature a unique removeable weight system so that you can carry less feeders and still have all the options available.