GOO - Phase One

Korda SKU: 1882
GOO - Phase One
GOO - Phase One
GOO - Phase One
GOO - Phase One

GOO - Phase One

Korda SKU: 1882
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Goo Phase One

This was the phase that launched the Goo onto an eager carp world. It contains some Goos that have become absolute classic bait enhancers already! Here's a rundown!

This is one of the most popular and effective Goos. It's perfect as a hook bait glaze - especially when dried on and reapplied. Keep rolling, coating, rolling, coating and drying. Each layer will give you increased leakage time. Use the Supreme version to cut into the core of the bait and the Power Smoke to coat the outside of the bait, to give you that bonbon effect.

The Pineapple Power Smoke is brilliant when applied directly to PVA sticks. If you’re fishing a runs water and you want to get some attraction into the water quickly then coating sticks works well. You can use it on zigs. The South Africans actually dry this stuff onto their zig foam.

Much of the things that apply to the Pineapple Power Smoke also apply to the Tutti one will do too. The major differences would be things like pH. The Pineapple Power is acidic and has a real impact on various waters. It's PVA friendly most of the year, but always remember to shake the bottle well to distribute the ingredients evenly. It's best during the warmer months, when the weather gets up to 15 or 16 degrees, so spring and summer really.

This is an extremely natural, extremely sweet, yet subtle Goo. It’s classified as a Bait Smoke but doesn’t have the intensity of colour of some of the others. It’s not just restricted to use with hook baits, you can add it to ground baits, watered down, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies with it. It lends itself brilliantly to zig spod mixes, it can be used in combinations on hook baits but I really do like to use it on my loose feed. Don't put a whole bottle in, add a little bit and make a nice soupy syrup with some water in a bucket and add that to your particle mixture, or glaze your boilies with it, really enhancing what you’re doing, compared to the guy next door.

This thick Goo has become famed for its use with floaters. All you need to do is dilute a small amount of Plume in a bucket and coat your floating pellets or mixers. When they soak it up, you'll be left with a super-attractive bait. Add it to your hemp or your chopped boilies and you’re adding another dimension of taste. If you’re struggling to get fish feeding, then try the Raspberry Plume.

Dostava unutar Hrvatske (uključujući i otoke)

Dostava robe je putem HP Express-a ili GLS-a .Cijena dostave je 25 kn. Ukoliko plaćate gotovinom, možete platiti dostavljaču i to ne poskupljuje konačnu cijenu.

Za svaku narudžbu iznad 250,00kn dostava je besplatna.

( Tokom akcijske prodaje "Crni Petak" poštarinu naplaćujemo 35kn )

Robu šaljemo kurirskom službom do Vaših vratiju, a najčešće se dostavlja GLS i to u vremenu od 8 do 14 sati. Nismo u mogućnosti utjecati na točno vrijeme kada će dostava biti izvršena, jer ono ovisi o rasporedu kurirske službe ( 2-3 dana ), no ukoliko imate posebne želje u vezi dostave svakako ćemo Vam pokušati izaći u susret.

Dostava van granica Hrvatske

Dostava u zemlje van Hrvatske se naplaćuje bez obzira na iznos kupnje.

Države u koje šaljemo:

    • {Slovenija - 25 HRK}

 Zbog COVID-19 poštarina za Sloveniju iznosi:

  • 120 HRK za mali paket
  • 150 HRK veliki paket to 20kg

Napomena: po primitku pošiljke možete biti terećeni za carinu i papirologiju ovisno o vrijednosti i zakonima države u kojoj primate paket. Te troškove ne pokrivamo i za njih ne možemo odgovarati, pa Vas molimo da se prethodno o tome raspitate u nadležnim službama kako ne bi bilo nesporazuma pri prijemu pošiljke.

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