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FOX Zig Aligna Kit


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The new revolutionary Fox Zig Aligna kit.

Benefits of the new Fox Zig Aligna

• Create a wider gape than traditional knotless knot Zig Rigs for better hookholds

• Great anti-eject properties – same great benefits of traditional Line Aligner but on a Zig Rig

• Eliminates need for a knotless knot, which is not as strong as Grinner or Palomar knots. When using in-turned eye hook with a knotless knot on thin pre-stretched mono it can damage your hooklink when playing a hooked fish, the Zig Aligner takes away that risk!

• No Hair rig so hookbait always sits central for greater hooking potential

• Greater value for money than the Zig Bug style hooks that have fluff whipped to them

• Line Aligner shape imitates the body shape of emerging larvae, all black version looks like a tadpole

• Very quick and easy to change colour combinations etc thanks to unique Loading Tool

The full kit includes 6 sleeves,tool and 3 foam, brown, pink and white

Fox Zig Aligna Kit