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Fox Mini Micron Bite Alarm CEI204


  • A modern take on a classic, these boast some great new features, including the D-Tec Sensing System and Tru-Run technology.

    The LED’s can be adjusted, and the Piezo speaker offers a really crisp sound!

    Tone, volume and sensitivity control allows you to customise these to your liking!


    • Volume control button with four settings
    • Tone control button with four settings
    • Sensitivity control button with two different settings Two 5mm High Vis LED’s positioned at the top of the ears to ensure you can always see them
    •  LED intensity adjustability
    • LED’s adjusted by holding down volume button and pressing tone button
    • D-Tec Sensing System/Roller wheel technology for clear, consistent bite detection
    • Power out socket 2.5mm – for use with sounder boxes and also illuminated bite indicators such as the Fox Illuminated Swinger®
    • Piezo Speaker for crisp sound
    • Rubber inlays to protect your rod and hold it in place on savage bites.
    • On/off toggle switch
    • Knurled locking collar
    • Takes Small N Type/ LR1 batteries

    Top tip: For the best bite indication, always use in conjunction with a Bobbin, Hanger or Swinger