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Dynamite Baits Spicy Squid CarpTec


Combines tried and tested attractants with innovative innovations! The CarpTec Boilie Range was originally made for heavy feeder fishing in Europe and combines excellent quality with a sensational price-performance ratio ! In the Only the highest quality aroma & amp; Attractants including some new boosters used. They are perfect for carp fishing beginners and for situations where a lot of feed is required. With the CarpTec boilies, the modern carp fisherman receives very tempting feed which determines a lot of carp & amp; Co will be hooked ! Analytical components: 32% moisture, 13% raw protein 6.65% raw fat, 2.2 % Raw fiber, 2.2% raw ash, < font face = Arial size = 5 color = gray> 0.23% phosphorus, 0.11% calcium, < / font> 0.22% sodium Product details: < / strong> Content: 1000g = 1kg Size: approx. 15mm Type: Spicy Squid < / div> Related links to "Dynamite Baits CarpTec Boilies 15mm 1kg Spicy Squid" Do you have any questions concerning this product? Hersteller-Link Further products by Dynamite Baits