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Dynamite Baits CompleX-T


'Our goal complex T-Shirt with terry Don' t hold back during manufacture. Fish and was a high priority – The result a very natural, subtle lure, without the need for additional flavours such as the attractant. This is a bait fish identification, as a natural food and can process all year round – the real bait that will help keep your carp fishing to the next level.

An open texture which, thanks to its Einbeziehung of Haith's Clo all the natural quality of water soluble pre-digested fish meal, food and LT94 made from Antarktischem Krill Treat, to allow you to type in the colder water. Ingredients such as spirulina are used for your highly digestible proteins, amino acid profile and seven important vitamins. It supports the bait very natural colouring.

Our exclusive The Whole Year, liquid feed stimulant provides real torque with Fenugreek and yeasts and to add some extra interest for the taste receptors to encourage and easy to. The result A Complex, deep, subtle liver, fish flour boilie, Terry is delighted also with and, we think you will.