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Mainline Dumbell Hookers


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Dedicated Base Mix Dumbell Hookers

The Mainline Dumbell Hookers are made from the same top-quality ingredients as the all-conquering Mainline freezer bait range…
Meaning you have a selection of hookbaits that match the colour, smell and texture of your chosen freezer bait perfectly with just one small but significant difference – the shape! The non ‘dumbell’ appearance of these durably firm hookbaits can provide the angler the small edge sometimes needed to outwit shy, wary carp and encourage pressured fish to feed.

14mm x 18mm 300ml tubs.

Available in:

Essential Cell NEW
New Grange

Consultants Top Tip: Top-off a Dumbell Hooker with ‘half’ a Hi-Visual Mini Dumbell Pop-Up to create Snowman Rigs with visual stimulus. Trim the Dumbell Hooker slightly to create a ‘critically balanced’ presentation.