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DRENNAN Šteka Acolyte Carp 13m STD Package


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  • 13.0 Acolyte Carp: A total of
  • 4x Carp Top 2 Kits
  • 2x Double Top 2 Kits
  • Cupping Top 2 Kit
  • 2x reversible mini extensions
  • Drennan Match Holdall

Plus: 4x Skid Bungs, Polemaster pole pot, 30x PTFE bushes, EVA nose cones, spare cupping kit adaptor, Extractor Rod, 6x Roller Cones, Side Pull Beads, Visi Case (Six kits and a cupping kit in total)


Weights & Lengths (All measurements are based on averages)

  • 13.0 weighs 895g; Fishable length 12.6m (uncut)
  • 14.5 weighs 1,210g; Fishable length 14.3m (uncut)
  • 16.0 weighs 1,530g; Fishable length 16m (uncut)
  • Tip section: 1.45m
  • Top two kit: 2.89m
  • Top three kit: 4.47m
  • Top four kit: 6.05m