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DRENNAN Acolyte Margin Pole 9.5 m


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ŠtekeThe Acolyte Margin Carp 9.5 is slim, stiff, lightweight, super strong and more than a match for commercial fishery carp!

This seven-section pole complete with reversible mini extension is 9.5m straight from the bag and needs no cutting back to accept our largest 5.4mm Super Slick internal PTFE bushes. It is ideal when used in conjunction with thick, hollow elastic such as our popular pink 14-16 and red 18-20 Carp Bungee.

The special Margin Kits supplied measure 2.33m and are designed to be shorter than the 2.89m kits supplied with the Acolyte and Acolyte Carp poles, as we believe it is the optimum length for more demanding, close-range work. Having a shorter length of elastic offers you much more control over a big fish, which can be really important when tackling snaggy swims. You can choose between standard and Ghost Tips.

One of the Margin Kits also comes with a special Ghost Tip as part of the standard package. These tips have been specially treated with a light grey paint finish. This has been designed for ultra wary fish that could potentially be spooked by a carbon pole tip waving over their heads. As this special finish only adds approximately 2g of extra weight to the section, the balance and performance of the pole is not compromised.

The standard package comes with a total of two Margin Kits and one Ghost Margin Kit but, as with all Drennan poles, you can tailor this to your own requirements.

Each kit comes with our factory-fitted Side Pull Slots as standard and is also supplied with Roller Cones for unrivalled, super-smooth elastic performance.