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    DAIWA TDR 4012 Match


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    The iconic blue livery of the original TDR remains however we have massively improved the choice of features to compliment their amazing winding power and smoothness. The hard aluminium body ensures super sure ‘meshing’ of gears even when under load.

    The addition of Mag Sealed delivers a water impermeable liquid seal around the rotor and main shaft, protecting the mechanism from ingress of water and debris. The longer term gain is continued smoothness of winding and feel.

    Distance control is also a must have technique for match anglers and the HIP High Impact Line Clip has not only been added but improved too. The addition of a back shield between the clip and spool enhances line protection even further.

    A lighter but tougher rotor in the shape of Air Rotor ensures a quicker winding start up and even spread of compression making for smoother rotation when playing fish or winding heavy loads. 

    Taking a leaf out of the ‘big pit’ book we have also applied ‘QD’ Quick Drag. Ideal for open water fishing, where bolting takes are expected, the abbreviated drag range allows you to engage and disengage the spool tension with less than half a turn.

    As fish and set ups continue to get bigger the development of a 4012 will be of little surprise to many. Designed for heavier stuff the large body rotor and spool will allow anglers to seriously up their game with thicker lines and even more winding power.



    • Mag Sealed
    • Aluminium Hardbodyz 
    • Air Rotor
    • HIP High Impact Line clip
    • QD Quick Drag
    • AirBail
    • Digigear
    • Single and double handle options on 2508 and 3012
    • Spare spool