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Daiwa PX Hybrid Minnow 135


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The DAIWA Hybrid Minnow 135 combines the advantages of a plug with the benefits of a soft plastic lure. Due to the plastic body it produces softer vibrations in the water which resembles a real fish. Additionally the lure is kept longer in the mouth during the bite, which can be crucial for success in difficult waters. The Hybrid Minnow is especially suited for active fishing and shows its whole power at twitching and jerkbaiting – at these techniques this lure utilizes its full potential, which provokes even dullest predators. The silent construction (without rattles) is increasing your catch rate especially at highly frequented waters.

The Hybrid Minnow is constructed in a way to enable an easy and fast exchange of the plastic body after many attacks – simply rack it to the hard body – ready to continue fishing! The Hybrid Crank is delivered including one additional tail.

  • Type: floating
  • Diving depth ca. 1.0-2.0m
  • Length: 13.5cm
  • Weight: 18g
  • Ref: 15414-001 / 15414-002 / 15414-006