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DAIWA Polo shirt white/black


  • Daiwa White / Black Polo Shirts

    If you’re an angler who prefers the clean monochrome look over either the carpy olive green and brown or the bright colours more associated with match or sea fishing then you’ll love these White/Black Polo Shirts from Daiwa. Available in a variety of sizes in either black with a white stripe and logo or white with a black stripe and logo, these are the perfect minimalist options. The printed Daiwa logo on the back, sleeves, breast, and hem is subtle, too.

    These Daiwa White/Black Polo Shirts are manufactured from 100% polyester. Polyester is an incredibly popular material for clothing manufacturers as it boasts a number of properties that make it incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. Completely machine washable, these shirts won’t loose their shape after only a handful of washes in the same way that jersey material can. What’s more, these shirts are also highly breathable. This makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear – even when the sun is beating down – and they are ideal to be layered under fleece and waterproof jackets when the weather turns cold.

    Daiwa has been manufacturing top of the range tackle since the first reel rolled off the production line in 1958. 60 years on and the brand is one of the most respected in the world, producing a huge range of tackle for angling across the disciplines. Whether you’re a match angler looking for a brand new pole to revolutionise your angling or you’re a sea fishing fanatic in search of a new tackle box, Daiwa has the gear for you. The brand is famous for its innovative design and uniquely high quality of manufacture and it prides itself on the fact that when you buy from Daiwa you know you are getting a top of the range product. These White/Black Polo Shirts are manufactured to the same standard as its most technical reels and they are ideal for the passionate angler.

  • Key Features

    • Clean and simple design
    • Highly breathable fabric
    • Printed Daiwa logo on the back and both sleeves