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    CRALUSSO Rocket


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     Rocket has been developed  for long, accurate, straight casting. The Rocket has unique features that enable it to fly much better than traditional wagglers – even those with flights.

    • Thanks to the versatile and adaptable antenna system, twenty Cralusso sight tips can be used with this float. Three tips are contained in each pack.
    • The stem of the float is made from a material that is very strong and will remain straight without becoming twisted or curved.
    • The calibration system helps quick, sikple and accurate adjustments, with 0,05g graduations being possible.
    • The aerodynamics are improved with surface indentations ( as on a golf ball) which reduces air resistance and increasesstability.

    The critical element of the Rocket design is the special attachment system. This ensures the optimum position of the float and the terminal tackle it is “towing” during flihgt – thus ensuring maximum distance and accuracy is achieved.
    When you use this floats after casting you should hold back the float before it falls down into the water to eliminate the possibility of tangles.