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CRALUSSO Antenna set with helium


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You have surely encountered the problem, when the antennas could not be replaced, or could be replaced only to a limited extent. Though you have many floats and antennas, you cannot combine them with one another. Cralusso managed to develop an antenna system  successfully that solves the above mentioned problems in one go. 
With Cralusso's  unique antenna system you can use more than 20 types of antennas  as a replacement in all Cralusso floats, regardless of size, colour, shape or sensitivity.
The solution involves precision tapered holes in the antenna with the floats and the antennas connected to each other through 1.00mm glass or carbon stems. View them and browse among the antennas of different colour, size and sensitivity. The material of the antenna is a plastic with 0.9 gr/cm3 density, which is close to the density of the water so it is ideal for signaling both sink and draw catches. With the calibration solution developed by Cralusso the weighing of the antennas can be done quickly and with precision. You can find information about the tensile strength and sensitivity of the antennas in the table. A good dib requires a good float and an even better antenna.