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    Cormoran VeyCor Feeder 4PIF 6000


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    Feeder reel

    Compact and ultra-modern longcast reel for feeder fishing as well as long range carp fishing or heavy spin fishing with slim braided lines.

    Equipped with especially designed aluminum spool, which features a large diameter and allows excellent casting distances. Equipped with 2 metal feeder line clips. The discreet design and the compact unit of drag, rotor and spool characterizes the appearance of this reel. The X-Wind cross wrap is operated via the S-Stroke system, which is in charge for the even line lay and therefore enables extraordinarily long casting distances. The QD fast drag with drag discs made of carbon can be switched from completely lose to fully operating within one turn.

    The high power transmission of the VeyCor Feeder 4PiF is the solid foundation for quick und secure fights with the fish.
    • 3 steel ball bearings
    • Infinite Anti-Reverse®, stageless
    • Fast drag (QD)
    • Carbon drag discs
    • X-Wind cross wrap
    • Aluminum longcast spool
    • Aluminum handle
    • Big soft-touch handle knob
    • PowerBail
    • Large anti-twist line roller
    • Longlife bail spring
    • 2 "Spring-Type" line clips
    VEYCOR FEEDER 4PiF model BB m/ømm ratio retrieval

    14-40600 6000 3 240/0.20 5.5:1 107 440