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Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000


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Feeder reel

Specially designed feeder reel, perfectly matching with modern feeder rods.

Not only spinning rods are steadily getting lighter and more affordable, also carbon fiber feeder rods today are more handy and lightweight than ever before. Nevertheless they have to be robust and tough.

We have developed a special feeder reel, which is the genuine counterpart for these modern feeder rods. It is equipped according to the same principles: lightweight, robust and affordable.

With a line capacity of 240m/ø0.35mm this reel has the decent prerequisites for all kind of feeder fishing up to heavy feeder fishing in large currents.

Equipped with a largely dimensioned 2-fold anodized aluminum spool with large feeder line clip and aluminum fast snap handle.

Also the drag has been conceived for this particular purpose, since it has to work reliably at fighting big specimen in the current. Also the high power transmission supports the endeavor of fighting any fish securely in every situation.
  • 4 steel ball bearings
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®, stageless
  • Finely adjustable spool drag
  • Aluminum longcast spool
  • "Spring-Type" line clip
  • Fast snap handle
  • Soft-touch handle knob
  • PowerBail
  • Large anti-twist line roller
  • Longlife bail spring
Ref: 14-50600