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    Cormoran COR'TX-GBR 7PiF 10000


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    Free spool reel

    Longcast free spool reel with supersized spool for extraordinary casting performance.

    Highly modern free spool reels with black soft-touch design and supersized cold-forged super longcasting spool for superior casting distances with line retraction of above one meter.

    The slow-speed Wormshaft system wraps the line slowly along the tall longcasting spool with utmost precision while the gear ensures high power transmission.

    Equipped with solid CNC cut aluminum handle and reliable drag.

    The COR‘TX GBR 7PiF is delivered with a spare spool, which is identical to the premium main spool.
    • 6 steel ball bearings
    • Automatic free spool system, adjustable
    • Infinite Anti-Reverse®, stageless
    • Finely adjustable spool drag
    • Slow-speed Wormshaft oscillation system
    • Aluminum longcast spool
    • Aluminum spare spool
    • CNC cut aluminum handle
    • Soft-touch handle knob
    • PowerBail
    • Large anti-twist line roller
    • Longlife bail spring

    Ref: 19-70100