Avid Carp Zig Box

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  • Boasts eight specifically designed Zig spools
  • Supplied with 32 spare spools
  • Spools supplied in compact i-design UK Box
  • Box features a 12in rule for measuring Zigs
  • Holds 16 Zigs in total

The ultimate Zig rig storage solution. This compact box is supplied with eight Zig spools that will each hold at least two made up Zigs The spools feature sliders that allow you to conveniently store Zig rigs of all lengths.

With the popularity of zig rigs growing at a rate of knots, we wanted to make things easier for anglers that are starting to use them.

Zigs can be quite time consuming to tie on the bank and, on most venues, it pays to alter the length of them on a regular basis if bites are hard to come by, so it made sense to create a storage solution for them. Until now, if anglers wanted to tie zig rigs at home before their session, the nature of the rigs made them extremely difficult to store.

Fortunately, the new Avid Zig Box will answer the prayers of any angler who is serious about fishing with zigs. Supplied with eight specifically designed zig spools that each boasts unique sliders to keep the zigs tight on the spool, the box easily accommodates 16 made up zig rigs. It even comes with 32 spool stickers that can be stuck on the spools so you know exactly what length zig is store on each spool. The spools are supplied in a handy i-design case that boasts a 12in rule on the side for accurately measuring out the length of your zigs.





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