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Avid Carp Recovery Sling


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The Avid Carp Stormshield Recovery Slings features a predominantly soft-mesh construction with a solid material base, which helps to protect your prize capture throughout the handling process.


The sling features ultra-buoyant foam strips which span the entire top of the sling, double zip closure, and magnets built into the design to make the sling neater when weighing fish.


Stainless steel rings are also built into the weighing straps which help with more accurate and quick readings.


The Stormshield Recovery Sling features a small pocket that houses a Hi-Viz yellow cord and poly ball for retaining fish safely.


Available in 2 sizes, standard and XL, all Stormshield Recovery Slings are supplied in a 100% waterproof Stormshield carry bag.


Features pocket that houses hi-viz retaining chord.

Sling extends in width to hold carp.

Full-length foam floats for ultra-buoyancy

Super-soft mesh construction

Double zipper closure                                    

Reinforced carry handles

Supplied in a 100% waterproof Stormshield Bag


  • A0550003Recovery Sling - Standard H 600mm / W 1150mm 
  • A0550004Recovery Sling - Xl             H 850mm / W 1400mm