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STICKY Aqua-Amino


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Initially it was the outstanding amino-profile presented by this pungent liquid food that grabbed our attention, but as soon as we saw the Aqua Amino in the flesh it was a must have in the range!

The Aqua Amino has an extremely strong fishy taste and aroma that is derived from the source of the product – 100% whole marine fish proteins which are then broken down via an enzyme treatment process. The end result is this fantastically soluble (we really can’t stress just how soluble this is!!) “fish soup” containing no less than 18 different amino acids with a smell and taste that simply screams big carp.

As with all our liquids foods, the usages are extremely vast, however we think the Aqua Amino is the perfect bait soak liquid due to it’s thinner profile meaning it penetrates much deeper into the baits core giving prolonged leakage and attraction!

Supplied in 1Ltr Jerry Cans.